Different Types of Stethoscopes

Published: 07th May 2010
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You will not believe these but its 100% true, now you can buy various types of Stethoscopes from online medical stores. A stethoscope has become one of the most important parts of medical profession. The stethoscope worn by doctor, nurse or healthcare professional may look simple and sober, but in reality it is the symbol of excellence and Quality. Medical practitioners have been using stethoscopes from lots of years to diagnose and listen to the different sounds of the body.

They are one of the most intrinsic pieces among all kinds of equipment that a doctor or medical practitioner uses. The assessment of each and every patient is deficient without stethoscopes. Other than human begins stethoscopes is also used to inspect and diagnose animals.

Generally, this instrument is used for listening the heart beat of living beings. Nevertheless, it can also be used to snoop to various sounds insides the arteries, veins and intestines. Generally there are five types of stethoscopes, which are most popularly used by doctors and healthcare professionals. These includes Electronic, acoustic, fetal, noise reduction and recordable. You can also find other types of stethoscopes like Littmann, ultrascope etc.

Electronic stethoscopes includes a noise filter, equalize and extensive range to give doctors very clean and snappish sound. Equalizer is used to adjust the sound to assorted parameters. Noise filter is used to select only related sounds and extensive range permits you to adjust higher and lowers frequencies. Noise reduction stethoscopes are same as that of the electronic stethoscopes but has added feature of reducing noise. This type of stethoscopes have an noise filter, which blocks unwanted surrounding noise and passes only appropriate sounds. This will be ideal choice for an environment which overcrowded by lots of patients creating unwanted noise.

Acoustic stethoscopes are well-known and they perform by using the chest portion with void tubes that directly goes to the listener's ears. They are the one that is mostly commonly used by doctors. While recording stethoscopes are the one that has an additional aspect of recording along with normal functioning to record the direct audio output. Fetal stethoscopes are also referred as fetoscopes; they are used to listen to the heartbeats of fetus present in pregnant women's.

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