How to enhance your GK and IQ

Published: 15th October 2009
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Brain is very similar to a muscle. Like muscles, brain also needs the right kind of exercise and nutrition. The more you use your brain in the right direction, the more you will enhance your ability to focus and think sharply. On the contrary, if you feed your brain the wrong chemicals you will harm its functioning and your thinking capabilities.

The IQ test is controversial because it supposedly measures how intellectually bright you are in comparison with the rest of the population. The first IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test originated in France and was the work of Alfred Binet who sought to find a way to differentiate between normal children and children who were struggling at school. It was later revised by Lewis Terman in the US and the Stanford-Binet IQ test was born.

There are different methods to enhance your IQ which, though simply to practice, are harder to last them for a longer period of time. Therefore it involves lot of self determination and discipline. One need not do something out of the way to achieve this goal in life. Simple things, which we generally come across everyday and Improving General Knowledge, are the key to the end.

Read books that stimulate thought: Fiction is what most prefers to read, but it is hardly useful for enhancing the thought process. Reading books which are mentally challenging will help you improve your ability to read and write. Classics will improve your vocabulary to think in English and may even change the pattern of your thinking. Never ignore the words you don't understand. Look up for their meanings. Also put all your effort in understanding paragraphs which appear complicated. Read them again and again to understand the full depth. Cultivate this habit and you will soon be able to grasp any complicated matter.

Find Time to Introspect: We become so much involved in our daily life that we don't find time for ourselves. Concentration reduces. Find time where in you are alone and can think about issues. This will help organize your thoughts and you can prioritize your tasks and duties. You will be able to make clear cut decisions and focus on the most important issues. You cluttered mind will be a lot more clear and you will know why you are doing activities when performing them.

Think positive: Your brain will listen to the messages you give it and take action. If you are telling yourself you are incapable, tired, anxious, fearful, you will fail that test or not get that job and so on, your brain will act accordingly and send out all those signals to your body to perpetuate your state of mind. Imagine then what you could do if you told your brain to send out different messages? Thinking positive works, try it.

Take up GK quiz: In a day we involve ourselves into so many info-driven activities like reading newspapers, watching news on T.V and surfing the web. This obviously widens our knowledge on various topics and issues happening around the globe. Test your general knowledge by taking up GK test you come across on web and solving riddles and cross words in papers. Practicing Su Do Ku sharpens your brains and boosts up your IQ to 20 points up.

You are concerned about results. Hence if you want to be creative resort to such techniques of finding a solution there are techniques available to try out anything. Try your hands at speed reading and you will have double the grasp on the subject you read. What the world will remember are the results or achievements you garner in your lifetime and not your score in IQ tests.

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